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Press: Internet Privacy Issues

ZDNet UK - "Mobile phone network operator Orange admits Friday it has sacked forty members of staff for the "distribution of inappropriate material" in what is believed to be the biggest Internet sacking case in the UK."

ZDNet UK - "Surfing the Net at work could get you the sack, as council worker Philip Cooke found last week." - "...When his wife found out, he said, there was no explaining. Their 25-year marriage was over. - "Nearly three-fourths of the nation's largest corporations, from Xerox to Salomon Brothers Smith Barney, check up on employees by monitoring e-mail, Internet use, computer files and even telephone conversations....."

CNN - "50 workers at Dow's headquarters site in Michigan were fired and another 200 were disciplined for distributing, downloading or saving pictures that were either pornographic or violent in nature"


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